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Richard M. Treiser

Photo of Richard Treiser
Founding Partner
Phone: 239.298.8375
Fax: 239.649.0823

Thomas A. Collins

Photo of Thomas Collins
Founding Partner
Phone: 239.298.8383
Fax: 239.649.0823

Robert A. DeMarco

Photo of Robert DeMarco
Phone: 239.298.8377
Fax: 239.649.0823

Christopher J. Cona

Photo of Christopher J. Cona
Phone: 239.298.8385
Fax: 239.649.0823

Thad Kirkpatrick

Photo of Thad Kirkpatrick
Phone: 239.298.8386
Fax: 239.649.0823


Christopher J. Thornton

Photo of Christopher J. Thornton
Phone: 239.298.8392
Fax: 239.649.0823

Richard A. Shapack

Photo of Richard A. Shapack
Of Counsel
Phone: 248.505.8008
Fax: 239.649.0823


Diane L. Tierney

Photo of Diane L. Tierney
Certified Paralegal
Florida Registered Paralegal
Phone: 239.298.8376

Cathy Koert

Photo of Cathy Koert
Florida Registered Paralegal
Phone: 239.298.8387

Deborah D. Needles

Photo of Deborah D. Needles
Legal Assistant
Phone: 239.298.8389

Alicia M. Rosa

Photo of Alicia M. Rosa
Legal Assistant
Phone: 239.298.8394

Angela C. Boswell

Photo of Angela C. Boswell
Phone: 239.298.8378


Support Staff

Denise A. Gorniak

Photo of Denise A. Gorniak
Office Administrator
Phone: 239.298.8380

Sharon Mooney

Photo of Sharon Mooney
Administrative Assistant
Phone: 239.298.8388


Gabriella Francisdaky

Photo of Gabriella Francisdaky
PI Assistant
Phone: 239.298.8391

Mirtha (Ari) Pacheco

Photo of Mirtha (Ari) Pacheco
PI Assistant
Phone: 239.298.8382
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